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My Values

As a young, lonely, gay girl, I went to the theatre and did not see people like myself or journeys like my own on stage. I want to create theatre where people can see themselves represented so that they do not feel lonely as I once felt. I want for theatre to be a space that builds community and understanding so people feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

American Idiot 

Lobby Display

In the Spring of 2019, the Dramaturgy course I was in created the lobby display for this production at JMU directed by Nancy Anderson. This display was a collaboration between 12 people, which required a lot of communication between us, and to have a very clear vision. Our lobby display was inspired by items found in the 2000s, that are now oftentimes forgotten about, found in junkyards.

James Madison University 

The Other Shore

Assistant Director, Stratford Players

As assistant director, I helped the director create a cohesive ensemble through my background in movement, viewpoints, and devising techniques. Additionally, I helped with blocking and warmups.

The Women

Assistant Director, Stratford Players

I served as the assistant director, making sure that the ensemble of 23 women was always clear on what they were doing, and giving input on my background in experimental theatre.

Side Show

Assistant Director, James Madison University

As assistant director, I helped the director create a well-balanced ensemble, helping the Side Show attractions find individuality in their characters and unity within the dancing ensemble. I took notes for the director, which I then helped communicate to the cast of 34 actors. 

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