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The Masked Collective

Cofounder and Artistic Director

The Masked Collective was created as a way for people to continue to create theatre during the quarantine. I have helped facilitate and organize play submissions and auditions, as well as controlled the Zoom performances behind the scenes. Additionally, I have corresponded with directors and playwrights to negotiate logistics of producing new plays and musicals, as well as was the director for two ten minute plays.

Casting Against Stereotypes: A Cabaret

Final Project for Senior Seminar in Theatre

For my final research project in my Senior Seminar class, I wrote an essay on how casting people of color, queer people, and people who are disabled in roles that lean into negative stereotypes about them is harmful. I used knowledge from my Sociology minor to reinforce this, as well as examples from recent theatrical productions. I also produced a cabaret showcasing a way to cast intentionally without falling into stereotypes. For access to my essay or any of my project materials, contact me.

Workshops and Staged Readings

I have produced and directed multiple ten-minute plays and staged readings during my time at JMU. Additionally, I have directed and produced a staged reading in the United Kingdom.

Vinegar Tom Dramaturgy

James Madison University

I served as Co-Dramaturg on this feminist play by Caryl Churchill. The Co-Dramaturg and I wrote the program note, as well as organized an outreach event with the community, asking people to respond to instances of when they stood up for themself. We then put these responses in our lobby display, along with photos of other women who stood up for what they believed in.

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